Cheryl Nathans

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Emma caught Cheryl taking photos of the boys in the shower without their permission, so Cheryl agreed to sleep with Emma to shut her up about it. Cheryl considered herself straight, but was a little confused, because she enjoyed having sex with Emma. She wan’t sure if it was because she was attracted to Emma or because of the loss of control. Both of those possibilities scared her. She’s sorta-kinda come to terms with being bi, but still prefers boys.

While Emma was been quiet about the photos, though some people know and have seen some of them, she hadn’t been quiet about wanting to sleep with Cheryl again, and did so several times. Victoria ordered Emma to be nicer to her.

She has a crush on Antonio, but she’s been avoiding him because she thinks he thinks she’s gay for sleeping with Emma. Cheryl and Antonio dated for a while, but now they’re on a break. She also succumbed to Victor’s charms at least once.


Cheryl Nathans

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