Crystal Steele

transfer student


Has a crush on Gloria.

Transferred here in the first few weeks of the semester, when she was mugged at her previous school. Here on a music scholarship; she is a spectacular pianist and Hawthorne was very happy to have her.

At one point, when she was supposed to do a performance on campus, the piano she was supposed to use, in theory tuned up only an hour before, was out of tune and then stopped working altogether, which was highly embarrassing for her. It turned out it has been exposed to water in some rather sensitive parts. Some whispered that a jealous rival or lover had sabotaged the performance. On the 2nd floor of Lincoln Hall, they said Thomas sabotaged it, but Crystal doesn’t believe that. Several people say they saw Thomas going to the concert hall with some water, right before the performance.

She is currently dating Duncan, though she’s slept with Duncan and Victor (under very different circumstances), and felt guilty both times.


Crystal Steele

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